Tuesday, 12 October 2010


I've started running! Every day, for the last few days I've gotten up quite early and gone for a 20-25 minute run. I'm not doing anything strenuous at the moment, but I'll progress to harder things as I feel I'm ready.

I've been playing with the adidas micoach application on my Blackberry Bold, it's rather nice to use and tracks my speed, route etc. via GPS. The upside of that (compared to Nike+) is that I don't need to buy anything to use it. The downside is that if it can't get immediate lock, you're waiting for 5/10 minutes for it to work out where you are (this happened to me this morning...). You can't start your workout until it's ready, you see...

It can also track cycling, walking and a few other exercise methods, but it only measures position, so if you run on the spot, use an exercise bike or a treadmill it won't work.

It's great to use, and the feedback it gives you is nice, it certainly helps with motivation.

I'll be on workout 4/32 tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to it.


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