Saturday, 16 October 2010


Off to a great start of course! Almost missed three days. Also I doubt anyone's reading this at the moment, but hey, that's not the point.

Task Two

Why not try this, it's something I decided to try a few days ago, and I'm implementing it as a new method of organisation and making sure things get done. I've tried various methods before, there are quite a number of books on the subject, but none have really clicked with me. This method seems to be working.

Disclaimer: Do not attempt to change your organisational methods if you're in the middle of an important project, about to embark on life-changing exams or similar. I've made this mistake before; new methods don't always work!

0. Ignore this plan. Well, perhaps not completely. Read it, take it in, decide if it could work for you and try it. If you don't like some aspects, change them. I'm not about to dictate how you should live your life!

1. Plan in advance. Work out achievable tasks for every day for the next week (or, at least, the next few days).

2. Every day from now on you'll need to plan another day on your calendar. You can avoid this by planning multiple weeks at once.

3. If you feel you can't do a task on a particular day, or you wish to take a day off, move tasks forwards or backwards to compensate.

4. Do EVERY task set on a particular day. Once the day has begun, the tasks must not change. (Obviously, emergencies may break the pattern, but this should not happen often).

5. Reward early work. If you decide to do more work than you need to before a specific date, make sure you reward yourself somehow. Make sure you follow through with the reward, so you'll associate doing work early with things you like.

6. Get family & friends to help! Motivation is a key to this method, so you need a reason to do things. If you don't like something or it'll take ages, split it up, do things you can manage.

Let me know if you're a fan! Please comment below :-)


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