Monday, 17 November 2008

Shameless Plug

I've got some really old software for free download on my web site:

Only the Car Game is there I'm afraid, but I do have local copies of (most) of the others and will probably upload them at some point. Most of them are pretty terrible though!

I'm learning though. Objective-C here I come!

The Bond Steet Mouse

Saw this little chap running around the westbound platform at bond street on Saturday (at around half 10, so it was rather quiet).

He seemed quite happy, although he scarpered quite quickly when the train pulled up!

I wonder if he likes the central line... He seemed to be very interested in a small piece of discarded bread on the platform :-)
(Apologies for the terrible picture, camera phones aren't great, and this was in poor light, and I had to zoom in so as not to startle him!)

Evening :-)

Well, in response to my sister starting a facebook group saying we should all write a blog (or something like that), I started a blog :-)

So there!