Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Where every day there's something new...

I'm in the process of making this blog much more interesting. My plan is to make at least one post a day, something new to get people to do more exciting things, live fuller lives and to encourage discussion.

So, let's get started, shall we? In the same vain as the post I made yesterday, I'm going to suggest that you start an exercise plan! Even if it's only walking around the block once a week, it's better than nothing, and so many people (myself included) do/did so little exercise. It's really not hard to start, and once you get into it you just want to keep at it!

I use the adidas micoach application on my BlackBerry to track my progress and motivate me. It plays music from playlists I've defined (lots of upbeat music) and gives me status updates every now and again to either tell me to speed up, slow down or just keep going.
The first few workouts aren't really that hard, and the lower levels are pretty basic stuff. Imagine it progresses quite a bit though!

Here's my running kit:

BlackBerry 9700 Bold Sim Free Mobile Phone - Black

Yes, just the Blackberry. Apparently it works with the iPhone too, probably to compete with Nike+ (which I believe is now able to work without a sensor?)


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